Friday, November 18, 2011

Adoption Blog Interview Project

Adoption Bloggers Interview Project 2011

Thanks to Production, Not Reproduction many bloggers participated in an adoption blog interview project.

I had the pleasure of meeting the author of Sweet Little Nest. Don and Susan are adopting and are logging their journey to parenthood. Please click here to read about their life together and choice to become adoptive parents.

The following is my interview with Susan from Sweet Little Nest.

1) Do you feel a stronger connection with your parents now that you are pursuing adoption as well? Has this opened up more about why you were adopted or how they came to adopt you?

You know, I didn't really expect that it would give us a stronger connection because we're really close, but it has. I've always loved hearing stories about my adoption, but now I hear them differently. Heather, who blogs at Production, Not Reproduction, recently wrote about the fact that her daughter will likely one day be pregnant and that it will not be something they can share intimately. It got me thinking about it from the reverse perspective. My mom and I will share this special thing and that's pretty neat, I think.

2)I too felt that I was meant to adopt. After all of our personal struggles to arrive to the adoption path, it all seemed to make sense. Has the conclusion that you are going to adopt to build your family given you a sense of peace about your journey in life?

Yes and no. I always thought I'd probably adopt, so the fact that it makes the most sense from a medical perspective confirmed that it was the right journey.

3)What makes you most nervous about the adoption process? What makes you most excited?

I'm most excited to see my husband as a dad. He's my favorite person on earth and I think he's going to be a great dad. He's patient and tolerant and a wonderful teacher. I'm so excited for him that I'm sometimes overcome by it.

I'm nervous about matches that don't go through. I remember when we bought our house and three offers fell through before we bought the fourth house we made an offer on. That was really hard for me and I had a lot less on the line from an emotional standpoint. I'm already reminding myself that the match that is meant to be will be. Our child will find us and we will find him (or her).

4) I wrote an article, Adoptive Parents Are Expecting Too. The essay explains that adoptive parents feel all the same feelings as those awaiting a child through pregnancy. How have people in your life reacted to your expectancy through adoption?

Generally great, though I can't say everyone has had my ideal reaction. There is at least one person I have decided I won't discuss it with because she can't seem to wrap her head around the idea that we're willing to raise a child that's not our own. She cannot understand that our baby will be our own. It's terrible to voice that opinion to anyone adopting, but to say it to someone who is herself adopted is crazy. She'll be supportive of us as parents, and in the meantime I'll just keep her on a need to know basis. It's sad but we have so much other support.


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