Monday, October 24, 2011

Waiting for Wee

We are currently in month 8 of our wait to bring our son home from S. Korea. I cannot believe how patient I have been up to this point.

Now, however I feel as though I cannot take it anymore.

Wee is now 17 months old. We received pictures 4 weeks ago and were able to see him walking and playing, but it is not enough. I know he had 6 teeth and weighs 23 pounds but I don't know how much he is talking, his disposition, his sleeping schedule, or any other very pertinent details.

It is very difficult to know your child is out there living his life, growing and learning every day but without you.

We know he is loved and well taken care of and that is the only consolation.

Recently I looked at the photo album of when Min came home. What an amazing experience. The pictures at the airport when we returned home show there was not a dry eye in the house- men and women.

I simply cannot wait to hug my little boy and show him to everyone else who loves him and is waiting for him to come home.


  1. I cannot wait for you to hug him, too. That will be amazing.

    Hugs to you as you wait.

  2. Hoping you get to meet Wee soon. It sounds excruciating :(

  3. I am hoping your wait comes to an end and your son is home in your arms soon!