Monday, June 20, 2011

Perfect Moment Monday

We have a very small kitchen. Beyond one person there are definitely too many cooks in the kitchen. I am always asking Min to go in the living room with his toys when I'm in there cleaning or "cooking" ( I don't cook).

After a long day I was trying to clean up and I had grabbed the broom. Little man went in the back closet and I thought he was screwing around.
I come around the corner and there he was crouched down holding the dust pan for me. Looking up with his big eyes he said, " I help sometimes, Mom."

My heart melted and together we sweeped up the kitchen.

What a darling. It was a moment where I remembered to have more patience and enjoy every moment with Min as he grows from a little boy to an independent young man.

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  1. What a special perfect moment with your helpful little sweetie!

  2. What a sweet moment. Kids do have a way of reminding us to focus on the important things, don't they?