Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rainboots and Earthworms

It has been raining buckets around here. We have broken the all time record for rainfall in Rochester. Doomy and gloomy is an understatement. It is fair to say that our motto surely is "April showers bring May flowers."
After a very long winter April brings the hope that spring really is here by giving us a few warm (70 or above) days with blue skies. However, every year it is the same. April is an illusion to spring and we sometimes receive snow and frost still covers the ground some mornings.

Now that Min is growing up he is running around in the yard at his will and one of his new favorite discoveries is worms. I will admit that worms don't bother me. Do I love handling then? No. But I don't mind. Min sloshes around in our soggy yard in his camo rain boots. The other day he had on camo pants and his camo raincoat as well. I could still hear him though!

"Mom, come look at my worms. Worms are my friends."

He wanted to bring them inside. Then he wished to bring them to school to show his teachers. It's great to see his enthusiasm. Especially for living things.

When I look back at each summer Min has been home, the progression is amazing. He is a little boy now. He can climb up the steps to his play tower and slide down the slide without me worrying. He gets on the trampoline all by himself, jumps for a couple of minutes, and then juts off to another adventure.

We have 3 swings on our play set. One of them is a baby swing that Min grew out of last summer. He asks me, "Mom, baby Wee is going to swing in this swing?" (melt)

I am enjoying my little boy and his new adventures. I am also looking forward to having a baby again to splash in the kiddie pool, push in the swing, and take on stroller rides. The wait is long but I keep my spirits up by enjoying each moment with my growing little boy.


  1. Moments like that are so much fun to watch and experience.

  2. I've been away from blogging for a bit. It was nice catching up on your recent posts. CONGRATS on Baby Wee! Can't wait to read about his arrival in the U.S. Loved reading about Min Man's sweetness and anticipation of swinging with his brother. SO sweet!