Monday, April 18, 2011

Perfect Moment Monday- Mother of Two

I woke up early this morning, took advantage of the quiet in my house to write again. I have been so busy with things going on in my life that my outlet and passion has been put to the side. I'm happy to have the time to get back to my blogging.

With my feet extended on my "pre-owned" leather recliner from my dad I have a perfect view of my new son, Baby Wee. AJ and I are expecting another baby from Korea and we are thrilled. He gets cuter every day as I stare at his picture. The wait for him to come home is going to be excruciatingly long as it will most likely be December. Each day passes and I wonder how he is doing- is he talking, getting ready to walk (he will be one May 10)?

Knowing he is out there and living with a foster mother to take care of him I can rest assured that he is thriving. We have been told that he is happy, healthy, and a social baby who likes to hear himself "talk."

There is so much to look forward to with his arrival. Min talks of him often and is now proclaiming that he will share his toys with Baby Wee. He knows that Baby Wee will be using his crib, old toys, and his clothes.

We will not have many updates on our adoption journey. The bureaucracy of paperwork involving immigration on both sides and clearances take the time they take.

Here is a post I wrote way back about what adoptive parents feel as they expect a child. Please take a minute to read it.

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  1. Here from Lori's Perfect Moment Monday post.

    Thank you for sharing your's today. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you await the homecoming of your new son. How exciting! I am sure the wait is very hard, but I appreciate your attitude and understanding of the process.

    I read the post you linked to and enjoyed it. My sister and her husband adopted their first child domestically last year and are getting started now with the process to try to adopt domestically again. Though I struggled with secondary infertility for over 5 years, there is still a significant learning curve for me when it comes to the adoption process. I am doing my best to be thoughtful, sensitive and interested in what my sister wants to share about her experience. I really appreciate the insight that "Adoptive Parents Are Expecting Too."

    Lastly, I voted for you in the contest! Good luck and keep up the good work with the wonderful organization you run to help people build their families.

  2. Erica...I am so thrilled for you, AJ, and Min. You are such a fabulous mom and I can't wait for you to be able to share your love with another child.

  3. I voted! And I remember that post :-)

    I am so excited for your family, PFM.

  4. So excited for you. Hoping that you get to travel soon.