Monday, April 25, 2011

Pefect Moment Monday- Honey DO

For the past few weeks I have been making mental lists of all that needs to be done before Baby Wee arrives home. We had an extremely long winter here in Western NY and spring cleaning seems long over due. This will be our third summer in this house and the painting projects are still piling up.

Last night I got a burst of energy and decided that my first conquest would be to paint the kitchen. Mind you I did not bust out the paint and supplies. But I did give myself an incentive to get moving. The old, crusty cabinet nobs came off one by one and I launched them into the garbage can. Throwing out the valance hanging over the sink felt liberating! I'm not sure why.

This morning I woke up and saw the damage. However, I am excited to get this project done. I hate having a list of things pending. It will be nice to cross off each item on that Honey DO list. Especially

- paint baby Wee's room

- Move Min to his big boy room

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  1. I love to cross things off my to do list too! I am glad that you were able to get started on one of your many upcoming home improvement projects. Good luck as you move forward with this one and the others on your list as you prepare for baby Wee and get Min ready for his big boy room. Very exciting! Also, good luck with your NIAW giveaway! I really enjoyed Life from Scratch! :)

  2. This makes me laugh because I so relate. I love crossing things off my ToDo lists so much that if I do something that's NOT on the list, I put it on the list just to cross it off.

    What an exciting time for you, to tidy your nest for your sons. :-)

  3. Thank goodness for nesting! I know it feels good to cross things off your mental list. My mental list is growing and nothing is getting marked off.

    Visiting from PMM.

  4. I'm just like you and Luz. I LOVE to cross things off the list.

    I'm so glad your nesting instinct is kicking in. It's nice to feel prepared and ready when the big day arrives.

    Visiting from PMM.