Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm In Business

I am a creative type. I need a nice work space that's pretty and inspiring. Plaid House Design saved me.

I can now write in my new space and feel the vibe.

There are so many posts waiting in the brain-queue. The juices are flowing and I cannot wait to sit down and formulate what has been brewing for weeks.

Everyone knows that starting a blog is hard work. It's a mini business that needs a lot of energy and creative powers. It has been hard for me to get with it after working so hard to get Parenthood for Me to a good place. And I am still not satisfied with the popularity of PFM. But that is another subject.

MMM is my place. It is the template for my life and journey as a mom, writer, nonprofit founder, friend, wife, and daughter.

Like I said, the juices are flowing.

Come back- sign up via email or in a reader. And PLEASE pick up my new bling on right side bar!

In fact, check out my writing gig.

p.s. It's almost Limerick time! Lori, I can't wait.


  1. What a beautiful space you have here!

    Thanks for reminding me that it's February, and time to work up some greenery! Will you do a three-peat? You are certainly the one to beat.

    Congrats on your new "home!"